Retro Camera Mini Kids Digital Camera
Retro Camera Mini Kids Digital Camera

Retro Camera Mini Kids Digital Camera

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Why the RetroCam is for you!

ūüďłTake¬†High Quality¬†photos and videos with a¬†built in 2000's vintage filter. Includes a selfie mode.¬†

ūüď≤Transfer photos and videos¬†straight to your phone¬†with¬†the adapter!¬†No need for film development.

‚úąÔłŹCompact¬†and¬†portable, the perfect travel camera to take¬†anywhere.

‚ôĽÔłŹRechargeable & Reusable. RetroCam¬†is a perfect¬†waste-free¬†alternative to environmentally harmful single-use film cameras.

ūüéěÔłŹRetroCam¬†holds up to¬†8,000+ photos¬†&¬†videos¬†with a 32GB card.


Capture unforgettable memories in 2000's vintage style videos and pictures with our Retro Vintage Camera.

Transfer your photos and videos to your phone immediately with the included adapter.

It's as easy as plugging in the memory card straight into your phone with the adapter.

Your memories can be viewed immediately or transferred to your phone to post online or just to keep in your camera roll!

No need for film development! Perfect for beach visits, road trips with family, and parties with friends!

Experience the nostalgia and unique character of a different era with our Vintage Camera

Invest in a high-quality, long-lasting Vintage Camera that can stand the test of time if taken care of.

Our digital camera is preferred by photographers for its ability to capture expressive, difficult-to-replicate shots, that you can normally only get with a film camera.

Vintage cameras have a lot of character and can be a great conversation starter. They can also add a unique touch to your photos and videos.

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